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Advocate for patients to have access to medicines and health services globally

Healthcare, Biotech, & Public Service Leader:



Born in Mexico with a rare and debilitating bleeding disorder, Guadalupe nearly died at twelve because of limited access to medicines.  One night, his appendix burst, and he began bleeding internally, requiring emergency surgery. In search of better medication to stop the bleeding, Guadalupe was rushed to a hospital eight hours away. He bled so severely during the surgery that his heart stopped beating, and the doctors declared him clinically dead. But against all odds, Guadalupe survived. 

After his recovery, his family and he migrated to the U.S., searching for better healthcare for him. The transition was difficult: his parents arrived in California with little money or education, and Guadalupe spoke no English. Navigating the health care system as an immigrant and not knowing the language was a challenge. Accessing treatment and services for his disease was practically impossible at first. The nearest specialist was one hr and a half away. Thankfully, he gained access to care and treatment with help from the Hemophilia Association chapter in the area. Driven by his experiences, Guadalupe made it his mission to fight for justice and equity in the healthcare system.

Guadalupe Hayes-Mota

Guadalupe Hayes-Mota

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Video: Guadalupe speaks about growing up with hemophilia in Mexico without medicines.

Professional Experience



Guadalupe envisions a world where medical care isn't a privilege, but a right. Drawing strength from his own life on the fringes, he stands for justice and equity. He's not just a voice, but a driving force, igniting change and innovation across healthcare, from biopharmaceuticals to non-profits.

Guadalupe Hayes-Mota Picture in Memorial Drive

Professional Experience.........

Drawing from vast healthcare expertise, Guadalupe founded and is the CEO of Healr Solutions, a tech pioneer addressing critical biopharmaceutical supply chain challenges, impacting 43 countries. He's steered global divisions of powerhouse firms like Ultragenyx, Biogen, Amgen, and GSK as Vice-President, ensuring medicine reaches millions across 113 countries.


Under his leadership, UCLA Health became the largest free healthcare provider in the U.S., serving 30,000 underserved individuals. A key contributor to the Affordable Care Act, he helped extend healthcare to 20 million Americans while at the RAND Corporation. Beyond boardrooms, Guadalupe has also collaborated on groundbreaking drug research at MIT with Moderna's founder, Professor Bob Langer.

Public Service & Boards.........

Appointed by Governor Charlie Baker to the Massachusetts Rare Disease Advisory Council, Guadalupe shapes state policy on rare diseases, guiding key decision-makers from the governor's office to the public health department.


A recognized healthcare authority, he's been featured in high-profile outlets such as Forbes, Inc., Fast Company, MarketWatchBoston Globe, MIT Technology Review and has lent his voice to esteemed platforms at the National Academy of EngineeringMIT, Harvard, and UPenn, even testifying before the U.S. Congress.

An advocate for diversity and community, Guadalupe re-established and presided over the MIT LGBT+ Alumni Association. He has sat on multiple boards including Save One LifeMIT Alumni Association, and Fenway Health. He serves as an Advisory Board Member for Sanofi, a Fortune 500 biopharmaceutical, a Forbes Business Council Member, and a Fast Company Impact Council Member. 

Guadalupe Hayes-Mota lecturing at MIT a class on bioengineering and medicine


Guadalupe Hayes-Mota delivering a keynote speech at MIT

Guadalupe received a BS in Chemistry, an MS in Engineering Systems, and an MBA from MIT. He obtained a Master of Public Policy from Georgetown University, and a Master of Public Administration from Harvard University


  • 6 Powerful LGBTQ+ Executives - Business Insider

  • US Young Engineering Leader - National Academy of Engineering

  • John F. Kennedy Fellowship - Harvard University

  • Notable Alum - MIT

  • 100 Top Leaders in the Life Science Industry - PharmaVoice

  • 40 under 40 - Boston Business Journal

  • Healthcare Executive of the Year - Los Angeles Business Journal

Community Leadership

Public Service

Fenway Health
Finance Committee Chair,
Board of Directors

Delivers inclusive health care and support to LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, and underserved groups, focusing on transformative research and education for global impact

Rare Disease Advisory Council
Council Member

Appointed by Governor Baker to provide advice to the Governor, Senate, House of Representatives, and Department of Public Health on how to address rare disease policy and actions in Massachusetts

Save One Life
Strategic Committee Chair,
Board of Directors

Empowers individuals and families affected by bleeding disorders in developing countries through direct financial assistance and access to medical treatment.

MIT Alumni Association 
Board of Directors

Empower MIT alumni to contribute to a better world, fostering mutual engagement and support within the global MIT community



Teacher/ Mentor of the Next Generation of STEM Entrepreneurs Leaders


Lecturer and Practitioner in Residence - MIT

Guadalupe Hayes-Mota teaches ethics of biopharmaceuticals, global operations, and leadership in healthcare organizations.


In The News


Inc Guadalupe Hayes-Mota
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Speaking Arrangement

Webinar (PharmaVOICE)  Guadalupe discusses how to lead worldwide teams in biotech.

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Podcast (McSquare Health Podcast): COVID-19's Effects on Drug Discovery and Delivery.

Webinar (MIT Alumni Association): Connecting Communities - A Conversation on Race, LBGTQ+ Identity and STEM.

Speaking Engagements

Webinar (MIT Alumni Association): Career Paths chosen by LBGTQ+ leaders.  Guadalupe explores how being LBGTQ+ influences career paths.

Guadalupe Hayes-Mota talking about being a public service leader in one communnity

Presentation (MIT Tech Reunions): Guadalupe reflects on the impact he is having in global and local communities through board of directors service and governmental appointments.

Guadalupe Hayes-Mota presentation of the Industrial Internet of Things Insights at a conference

Presentation (Biomanufacturing and Cell and Gene Therapy Strategy Meeting):Internet of Things (IIoT) insights and knowledge to minimize waste within manufacturing systems.

Podcast : From Mexico to MIT.  Guadalupe talks about his struggles with hemophilia in Mexico, the shock of being an immigrant in the United States, going to MIT, learning and finding purpose.

Keynote Presentation (Clinical Trials Summit): Managing Clinical Global Supply Chains during COVID-19 times.

Webinar (New York City Hemophilia Chapter and New England Hemophilia Association): Guadalupe explores, in Spanish, advocacy in the Latino community and also about his life as a hemophiliac.